As we started Mondstille, we had no idea which way we should go as a band.
We just wanted to create something unique, personal, intimate.
At this time, some people really let me down, I struggled with life, some severe shit was going on,
beloved people died and those years almost crushed me.
I needed an outlet. Something to express my feelings so they wouldn't hurt so bad.
This band was the perfect way to do so. Mondstille became something like a therapist to me. All the lyrics are very personal stuff, most of them expressing actual thoughts of mine.

Music has saved my life, my mind.

As we finished "Seelenwund", I had to take some time off, reflecting.
The last 2-3 years have been great to me and some major events changed my life.
I became a better person, got more self-confident, enjoying life. And I still do.
So I came to that point where I (and we as a band) had to decide about the future of this project and I realised,
everything has been said.
Except some last few words. My renewal.

Therefore we'll record one last album, called "METAMORPHOSIS".
Addressing that change from darkness to light, it will be a very special piece of art.
Especially to us as a band as we have changed almost every aspect in how we're creating an album.

Speaking for all of us, I really want to say THANK YOU, FANS! for your great support and dedication to this band.


ATTENTION: Our album "Seelenwund" has been downloaded on rockbox almost 500 times in about 14 days so far ...
To "celebrate" this, we decided to give away the CD for € 10,- each by now! So, if you like our music then please show some support and buy an original copy of "Seelenwund"!


PS: We're still not mad ;)

Well, I just discovered the first (illegal) download version of "Seelenwund".
We're actually not mad about it and I have to admit it's a high quality version, created with devotion and it's ok if you download it to check out our songs.

BUT GUYS, if you really like our music then please support us and buy the CD! We're not getting rich, we just want to compensate the money we put into that album.
Just send an e-mail -> contact (at) mondstille (dot) com to order your personal copy.


Tracks 6, 7 and 8 on the back of the "Seelenwund" digipak are in the wrong order. We discovered this issue a few days ago and I know it's my fault. Sorry for that!
The right order is:

6. Flammend
7. Sehnsucht versus Leben
8. Ich, der Pan

Please note that it's just the back of the CD. The booklet, CD and iTunes library entry are correct. It just matters if you're typing the track names manually into your audio programm or similar.

Almost a week after the release of our second studio album "Seelenwund".
Our special "Am Ende ..." package and shirt sizes M + XL are already sold out! Thank you all very much for the overwhelming response!!

We played a release show in Vienna with Alcest and Les Discrets which really was a blast. An almost sold out location with intense and emotional performances of all bands. We've got some pictures in the live gallery.

We too did an interview with the Freethinker's Blog which we'll post here when it's on.

RELEASEDATE of our new album "Seelenwund" on February, 6th!!
This will the first day you can order the new CD. You can order it by sending an e-mail to contact (at), which will be the only way to buy it. No mailorders or online-shops. We also got some new shirts with front- and backprint which also can be ordered from February, 6th.

There's a special package containing a new shirt, "Seelenwund" and a very strictly limited edition of "Am Ende …" in a slipcase (numbered and signed). Just 50 pieces of this package will be available, so be quick! If you already have "Am Ende …" or just don't want it, you can order the CD + Shirt package for the same price.

Please note, that we won't deal with any e-mail sent before the release date!!

A detailed pricelist and some images of the shirts will follow soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the masters have arrived!
February will definitely be the month of "Seelenwund". We've prepared a little gift for the first 50 people to order our new album and it seems like a gift many of you asked before.
Stay tuned for the official release date which will be posted here and on our facebook page. This date will be the first chance to order our CD. Of course we've got some new shirts as well.

Finally, new website and the teaser for Seelenwund here:

Our song "Mir träumt`" has been released on the new "In Autumnal Fog" sampler, which you can download here .

Thanks to Schwarze News and Skeksis.

Mondstille shirts are now available!
Further information in our gallery.

There are still tickets left for our concert in October.

Our album "Am Ende ..." is sold out. We're thinking about a rerelease but we don't have the money yet.
Further we could fix the guestbook. We're looking forward to your comments!

There are hardly any CD's left in our stock because our label failed in it's duty and quit all contact ways. At the moment we're intent upon completing the songs for our second album and we're looking forward to record it in spring 2009 and due to that, release it in summer / autum.
Unfortunately our guestbook doesn't run but we're still working on that.
Further we recruited a new drummer but more information will follow.

Finally the first 50 copies of our album just arrived!
You can order it for € 11,- ( shipping costs not included) at our
contact address -> leandin(at)
There'll be a list of our distributors in a few days. The album is also available at White Bird Records.

Due to our finished album we have updated our web layout.
We're looking forward to your orders, critique, commendation ... !

Thanks a lot for your great support last night!
Totally overwhelmed we noticed that amazing amount of people listening to our concert!
Further thanks go to Dornenreich, Devon Graves and Bernd for their support as well as special thanks to Krimh for his perfect percussions!

A really memorable evening…

Unfortunately we have to announce that "Víndsvôl" won't be a member of "Mondstille" anymore.
Studying very concentrated, she hadn't enough time to bring constructive work into the band.
At the one hand, we are sorry for losing her but at the other one, studying has the first priority!
So we all wish her the best and maybe we will be able to continue working together in future.
Only three left...
But as you know, Master "Krimh" will support us with his "Cajon" at our concert on
22nd May 2008. Furthermore, we will play some new stuff at this evening, not being included in our CD "Am Ende..." but in the next album.

Note: If there are some musicians who play instruments like flute, cello or similiar ones, please contact us at

Although the delivery date is between 16th and 18th May and this might be short, you may be able to buy our CD "Am Ende..." at our concert on 22nd May 2008.
We will inform you about its availability before the concert.
See you there!

We are pleased to present you a very special guest at our acoustic concert on 22nd May 2008!
Master Krimh who supported us very energetic on our debut album, will play some percussions to give some of the songs a special note.
We are looking forward to an enchanting acoustic night with Dornenreich and a definitive great audience!

After long advisement we decided to join the Myspace community.
You can meet us at and we would be very encouraged by your Friend Requests.

Fraught with pride and gladness we are able to advise you that our first album will arrive at the press shop soon.
Special thanks go to Stefan Fasan for his incredible awesome work to save the quality of our heart and soul!
We can really recommend Stefan for every studio work!
The two harder songs have been replaced by the new ones.
Further we will play with Dornenreich and Devon Graves on May, 22nd 2008 at the Viper Room in Vienna.
It would be very pleasant to meet you there.

Due to massive quality downslides with the final masters, we decided to split up the cooperation with our current studio. Our metal songs will be mastered again from Stefan Fasan.
Because we are no demoband, we want to provide you the best present achievable quality and hope you will bear with us.

There are two new listening samples.
We have entirely finished the recordings and our heart and soul will arrive at the press shop soon. The album is called: "Am Ende..." (At the End...)
The first part contains the harder songs, while the second part contains our instrumental, acoustic songs. The playtime averages about 65 minutes.
Following songs are contained:

01. Ich bin der Tod
02. In der Ferne
03. Tränen
04. In Mondes Stille
05. Dem Tod zum Gruße
06. Und wenn der Regen fällt
07. Mir träumt...
08. Flucht
09. Frei...
10. Mystikum
11. Minneleid
12. Vom Wind und der Leidenschaft
13. Am Ende...
14. Ausklang

It is done!
Fraught with blitheness and pride, we pronounce that the recording process for our first album has been done. After the mastering process is finished, we will be ready for the release. There will be more information published soon.
We'll meet on 6th December at the Escape Metalcorner!

Unfortunately there will be no fluite appearance on 28th September. But due to that we are going to play one to two songs which will not be released in the foreseeable future.
On 6th December we will appear alltogether to play our regular set of seven acoustis songs from the upcoming debut CD.
We're looking forward to see you on both of these dates to have a good evening together.

We will finish the concert evening at the "Replugged" in Vienna (with Upon Ruins, Lack of Society and others) on September, 28th 2007 as the last band with an acoustic concert. These will be the only acoustic songs on this evening.
Further we will be the local support for "Antimatter" at the Escape Metalcorner in Vienna on December, 6th 2007.

The Drums for our album will be assumed by "Krimh" from "Thorns of Ivy". After the release we will look for a new drummer.
Further, our first album will be released on "White Bird Records".

Unfortunately we had to split with our drummer "P." a few days ago. We wish him all the best for his future!
Due to this the recordings will delay a little. A replacement for the album has been fixed.
We won't play at the Dunkelheit Festival because of the drummer exchange.

We graduated the concert in Budapest very successful. Unfortunately there have been hardly any people the whole evening. In spite of this facts we played our best concert.
Now we will record the outstanding songs of our album as quick as we can, to present it to you!
A new concert date has been added.

Due to serious problems with the audio tracks for our acousting songs, which occured during the mastering process, we felt impelled to record the songs totally new. Nevertheless we decided to make two of those songs available to you. Please note that these songs cannot be equated with the final album versions!
Further we will play on May, 5th 2007 in Budapest (HUN). After this concert we will record one of our tougher songs to give you a foretaste to the album.

In a few days, you will be able to download two of our acoustic numbers from the upcoming album.
"Dorian" had to cancel his appearance for the 7th April because of health problems. The band "Kältetod" will play instead of him but the concert is still for free!
Further news will follow.

Good news!
The recording sessions for the acoustic numbers flow very smoothly. The rest of the numbers will be recorded later in time because of some troubles. There will be a first listening version of one acoustic number from the upcoming album in the middle of march.
The concert with Skyforger was changed to Escape Metalcorner in Vienna. On the day before, 7th April 2007, we will play an acoustic concert together with "Dorian" in the Escape Metalcorner too. This concert will be FOR FREE! Hope you'll come a lot.

We will play together with Skyforger on the 08. April 2007 in the Monastery Club (Vienna). At this evening we won't play any acoustic songs.
For more information visit
The work for our first studio album is still going on and we`re looking forward to enter the studio in April. More concerts are planned for 2007 and they will be posted on this site in sufficient time.

And again thanks to Bernd and the Escape, Dornenreich, Floodland and all those, which were involved in this wonderful concert evening. We're really thankful for the positive feedback, which we could harvest.
Now we'll work on the official website and are going to write additional material for our first album.

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